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Communication needs drama

ROSAM.GRÜNBERGER | Change Communications specialises in sophisticated, complex and sensible communication assignments. We support companies during change processes, and are active for our clients wherever professional communication and strategic networking are demanded. No matter whether it concerns the communicative supervision of M&A transactions, capital market measures, legal disputes and crisis management, comprehensive corporate communication or public affairs: We are the ideal partner on your side. We support you with structured analysis, tailored concepts, sound strategies and communicative language—competent, passionate and completely discrete.


Our strategy and communication recommendations are based on extensive expert knowledge, profound analyses and, if needed, empirical data. We work individually with opinion research institutes, attorneys’ offices, investment banks, and auditing and tax consultancy firms. We know that interacting critically with the stakeholder environment and knowing one’s own strengths and weaknesses promotes a view of the essential, so we support our clients in acting with focus and communicating effectively.


We follow the maxim of Augustinus: “What you wish to ignite in others must burn in you.” For only if we ourselves are convinced of something will we be able to arouse enthusiasm in others. We always approach our assignments with great resolution, the utmost motivation and relentless drive, and work creatively on our clients’ topics and problems to find a solution.


We often operate within the suspenseful triangle of economy, politics and media. So absolute discretion is our top priority.

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