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Financial Communications

Effective communication in the financial market and the financial community is especially based on the credibility of corporate management. For in the end, the complexity of institutions as an interplay of markets, products, strategies and measures is revealed only through reliable and credible statements, and cannot be fully derived from balance sheets, profit-and-loss accounts or cash flow analyses. Only those who have a clear profile and high reputation can ensure the trust of their financial backers. We supervise companies in public offerings and capital increases and support them in consistently maintaining relations with crucial dialogue groups.

Five Topics in Using Financial Communications

Experienced advisors often have to analyse and coordinate highly differentiated interests of individual stakeholders in one project—especially in the financial communications sector. The clear and promising target definition must always be: Create a win-win situation for everyone! This can be achieved through targeted networking, strategic communication, moderation and, if necessary, mediation. At every communicative step, the management’s credibility must be professionally strengthened.

When two companies merge, stakeholders are some of the most important ambassadors. They are some of the first communicators both internally and externally, so they have great influence on the prevailing mood surrounding the change of a corporate structure. Transparent communication and presenting future-oriented scenarios help them to become good and credible ambassadors. ROSAM.GRÜNBERGER | Change Communications supports managements during stakeholder dialogue in three steps: Listen Attentively—Thematise concerns—Coordinate activities

In many financial communications projects, cooperation between investor relations and public relations is the deciding success factor. While comprehensive expertise in dealing with shareholders and investors, analysts and financial media exists in the IR sector, the communicative radius is expanded, thereby adapting the respective communicative messages for the individual target groups in teamwork with PR.

Only those who best know their market and its demographic make good partners when putting a deal together. A reliable network can obtain information in advance. Extensive experience and expertise enable realistic assessments of chances and risks. Focussing clearly on the essential success parameters forms the basis for the roadmap. The highest professional standards for consultants supports the decision-making in each phase of a transaction. ROSAM.GRÜNBERGER | Change Communications supports their clients by determining the strategic chances involved with a deal and developing a suitable “story” to accompany it.

Why are stories more enduring and believable than fact-heavy reports and brochures, both inside and outside a company? It’s simple: because the human brain thinks best in pictures. Managers also need good stories, for with media over-stimulation, the fast-paced digital world and enormous competitive pressure, to survive you must position yourself and your story clearly, unequivocally and unmistakably in the market. In no other context are stories more valuable than with venture capital, private equity, M&A and initial public offerings, since the best and most convincing investment story wins. We have worked successfully with investment bankers, M&A specialists, etc., for many years. They deliver content-related expertise with which investment stories can be jointly and professionally developed.