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Political Communications

The key factors for future corporate investments are stable political framework conditions and an economically friendly climate. This can be achieved if the interaction between companies and political institutions or political decision-makers proceeds successfully. Because when forming framework conditions, politics requires the experience from the economy and companies need maximal organisational opportunities to act innovatively. It is essential for this interaction between the economy and politics that the interests and specific language codes of both sides can be understood and aligned. We support companies by positioning their messages and interests accurately with political decision-makers. Our consultancy service is based on a professional relationship of trust and encompasses the communication strategies of both sides. We base our work on the Code of Conduct from the Public Relations Verband Austria (PRVA Lobbying Fibel).

The Guide in Political Communications

ROSAM.GRÜNBERGER | Change Communications advises companies not only to find the right argument and develop a customised strategy to implement their interests—we navigate them safely through the political landscape.

Would you like to reach your goal securely? ROSAM.GRÜNBERGER | Change Communications will use the POLITIKNAVI to guide you confidently to your objective in the area of political communications. Dealing with politics and authority requires clear target recipients and a knowledge of relevant provisions, exactly like a navigation system using GPS. The POLITIKNAVI offers initial assistance in this area.

POLITIKNAVI as a free app for Android and iOS

Our app contains the most important contact partners in the Republic of Austria in a clearly arranged format. Find persons directly through a search, by using the alphabetical index, or according to their office, function or department. Names, functions, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts are all there for you to use.

You can find the first POLITIKNAVI for a free download here.

POLITIKNAVI. Guide Through Austrian Politics—the Book


Besides Austria’s most important contacts, our book offers you insight into the operations of our republic and explains the Criminal Law on Corruption, which has been newly regulated by the Compliance for Public Officials. On the occasion of the book presentation, high-ranking economic representatives met in the Austrian Parliament’s Palais Epstein to discuss the perception of responsibility in an increasingly individualised society.

You can find more information and pictures from the event here